Vážení zákazníci, od 23.5 do 30.5 a od 3.6 do 4.6. je náš obchod uzavřený. Vaše objednávky rádi připravíme mimo tyto termíny.

BARF is a return to natural foods

Sell feed raw frozen meat and other products for dogs and cats Ševětín and winter stadium in Czech Budejovice. In the early evening we go the route Lower Bukovsko, Veseli nad Lužnicí, Lomnice above the river, Trebon, Lisov and Hluboka nad Vltavou.

  • We live dealer, natural and 100% stra you without dyes, preservatives and flavorings, no matter how good you granules can never replace
  • Our products, in addition to pasta, contain corn, soy or artificial vitamins
  • go to our feed handle your friend within a few days
  • we tested several manufacturers we chose Vetamix because of the constant year-round availability of the product and maintaining a good quality of meat
  • lump meat is better to feed raw and so maintain your four-legged friend all valuable substances important for his health, or is possibly very briefly simmer
  • mass salamis can be administered immediately after thawing at room temperature, or can be in a container and briefly placed in 80 ° C water
Extraordinary February Offer:

On selected items we provide a volume discount when ordering 10 kg pay only 9 kg.  


Meat and cheese for immediate delivery in 1 kg packs, which are economically storable in a home freezer. 1 drawer into a current is placed in a 15 x 1kg packs salamis and a 10-piece package of meat. The approximate dimensions of 1 kilogram bale it: the length of 40 cm and 6 cm height. We also offer packaging of 2 kg and 5 kg, which is budget-priced.

Determining ration

Feeding meat is simple, time-saving and cheaper when comparing price and value with the granules. BARF dosage is 3% of the total weight of the dog. 7 to 8 every day should be a diet, meatless, but the dog is not happy and hungry because we have fodder and mozzarella cheese, which krmíne with cooked pasta.

20 kg dog should get around 0.6 kg de variables.

To create rations for dogs can combine:


Preparation is simple: meat or cheese placed outside the freezer box, about 8 hours over feeding. Then remove them from the bag and add the vegetables meat, or cooked pasta to the cheese, stir and serve in a bowl. Krmíne bones alone. We can also pack moving to thaw in the refrigerator, but must always thaw completely throughout the volume, ie. about 24 hours


When buying in value from 1300, - CZK or 35 kg is free shipping, otherwise after the Czech Budejovice 10, - CZK outside the Czech Budejovice and 30, - CZK (details in the shopping basket, after insertion of goods to offer shipping options).

Nice article about dog nutrition:


Thesis on feeding raw meat:



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